In the Global Arena, the Right Association is Everything


About us

KIAI, Inc. was founded in 1999 from the dream of one man Hank Kojima.

His dream was to bring the world closer together one person, one company

at a time through movement of goods and services. After over three decades of

experience in international business spanning Asia, North America and

Europe, he founded KIAI, Inc.


That dream continues today. At the heart of KIAI is the philosophy of

emphasizing profitable associations by bringing people together.

By doing so, individuals and companies are able to obtain mutually beneficial

results that ensure longevity and continuity of business. We realize that

dream one deal at a time.


In addition to arranging for immediate and short-term sales where necessary,

we seek to establish an ongoing business relationship with our clients and their

overseas and domestic customers. With our extensive contacts, we are able to provide

our clients with simultaneous access to multiple markets. We have found that this

exposure allows our clients to take advantage of new and unforeseen opportunities

from one market to the other.


Company Services

KIAI offers comprehensive services in all aspects of international trade,

distribution, and marketing. From crucial strategic decisions to day-to-day

operational questions, we work diligently to realize our clients' vision and

accomplish their goals. Long after the introduction of players, we will be with

our clients every step of the way to provide invaluable guidance and support.



Beginning with a conversation and seeing client products through to the

end users, our services are designed to accomplish one thing the success

and enjoyment of our clients' products and services in markets that they envision.